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What Makes Legit Bytes for Software Testing Services Unique?

Automated software testing:

From planning and defining the testing scope to choosing a tool and managing a test automation environment, we provide comprehensive test automation services. Before integrating it into the CI/CD pipeline and matching the test automation strategy to the development phases, our automation architects determine the levels of complexity for the test automation architecture.


Microservices testing:

Our microservices testing services first choose the software testing KPIs during the design phase of software testing, such as the granularity of test cases, run time, test scripts maintainability, etc. Assigning QA managers and test automation architects to prioritise the test scenarios for automation and create a test strategy plan are the subsequent phases.

API testing:

Organizations must concentrate more on the end-to-end functionality of APIs as modern architectures advance. It involves mobile applications, cloud services, and other business programmes that adhere to established protocols like XML, SOAP, REST, and others.

 Our Testing managers are experienced in end-to-end application validation and have a wide range of API protocol domain knowledge. We employ the most up-to-date tools for API testing for functional, security, and load testing as a top software testing firm.


Security testing:

By resolving weak security concerns, our security testing services seek to make applications secure and safe for users. Our approach to application security testing makes sure that the sensitivity, confidentiality, and integrity of your data are not jeopardised. Our security testing engineers also ensure that your application complies with all relevant security regulatory requirements.

 Our knowledgeable testers work with customers to identify key areas, prioritise testing requirements, and coordinate the best techniques to speed up the process and protect apps from potential dangers.